Internet problem, please help!

  esd86 09:07 16 Aug 2013

Hi there,

Ive had this problem for over two weeks now and can't fix it!

I have Windows 7 and my wireless connection doesnt work. It shows as 'connected' but the internet doesnt work at all, sometimes it works ever so slightly but takes about 10 minutes to load google home page and downloads at about 15bytes/second.

I've tried reinstalling Windows, updating all drivers, changing wireless cards, changing sockets on my mobo, using a USB wireless adapter. I have no anti virus software installed and no firewall.

I'm stuck!

Any ideas to relieve this never ending issue.

Thanks in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:37 16 Aug 2013

  1. Determine whether problem is with your PC or router - does the wireless connection work for any other devices?

  esd86 10:31 16 Aug 2013

The router is fine because I'm using a laptop on the wireless connection right next to the PC with the problem.

The router is a virgin super hub and I have tried resetting it!

I thought it may be a problem with inteference but this has been proven wrong by the strong wireless signal I'm getting with the laptop

  esd86 10:33 16 Aug 2013

I have also connected with ethernet and it works but the ethernet cable is not practical to use at all :( So I really need to get the wireless working like it does on my laptop.

I thought maybe specs might help.

My motherboard is an asus FM2 a55 motherboard, and my wireless adpater is an asus pce n15.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:31 16 Aug 2013

"Write down the details of......Ipv4 address......Now go into the other computer that does not work properly and make sure it has the same settings."

Sorry to butt in Jock1e but you mustn't have two computers on the same network with the same IP address. I suggest you reword your advice before the OP loses his Internet connection on both PCs.

  Jollyjohn 11:48 16 Aug 2013

Did you get a reply from Asus? - From your original post

  Woolwell 12:02 16 Aug 2013

I assume that you have read ASUS Support.

Do you have any indication of signal strength? It is possible that the aerials are shielded behind the tower. I note that you mentioned a USB dongle. Did that have the same problems?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:23 16 Aug 2013

Jock1e, on a Local Area Network (the one inside your house), the gateway, subnet mask and DNS servers are usually the same on all connected devices. However the IP address needs to be unique.

Having two devices sharing the same IP address is a bit like two houses having the same phone number or postal address so you can imagine the problems that would cause.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:30 16 Aug 2013

....forgot to mention Jock1e, because the OP can get to Google (albeit slowly), that proves that the network addresses on the problem computer are sound.

  Woolwell 12:35 16 Aug 2013

Secret-Squirrel - I noted that about Google too hence my question about signal strength. Changing channels may or may not help.

  esd86 12:39 16 Aug 2013


The signal strength is 5 out of 5 bars so no problem there. I've also tried changing the router channels. I've also tried using a USB pen / same problem.

Really does seem like Ive tried everything and i'm pretty sure that it isnt a hard ware fault because everything is 'working'

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