Internet problem

  scouser 13:15 11 Jun 2007

I bought a laptop a few days ago loaded with Vista Premium. I have three PC's and they are all connec ted to the internet via an ADSL router and cables.
Two run Windows XP and the third Windows ME.
When connecting the cable to the laptop it found the internet first time with no problem. However it did not see the other computers on the network and they didn't see it. I started trying to incorporate it into the network but all I seemed to have achieved is alter its IP Address because it now will not connect to the internet and it says there is now a conflict with another computer having the same IP address.
I tried the restore program but this did not solve the problem. I am sure I did not alter the IP address.
How can I solve this problem?
Many thanks for any help.

  alan2k1 15:39 11 Jun 2007

in order for the computers to see each other as well as been conected to the router they also need to have the same network name ie mshome, workgroup etc it can be anything you choose. obvoiusly you other computer have this same network name as they already see each other so it would make sence to find this name and then rename you new computer the same thus allowing it to join the network.

1. on 1 of the computers already part of your network > start > mycomputer (right click)> properties computer name . look under workgroup whatever name is there is you network name

2. repeat above on you new comp (it is a little differnet been vista) change the network name to be the same as the others then restart

all your computers should now see each other

good luck

  alan2k1 15:58 11 Jun 2007

on you new laptop

start >control panel >view network status and tasks (under network & internet) >view status >properties >internet protocol v4(highilite it) >properties now make sure obtain ip address automatically is selected ok it and restart

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