Internet Problem

  mcarrick6 11:02 10 Jul 2005

Hi there, I have windows 98se.

I have broadband (ADSL). Thing is that my computer take these small "breaks" when on the net. Theses breaks comes every 4th or 5th minute and can last for 40 seconds each time, and in those breaks the computer won`t work or open a thing on the net for me. It came all of a sudden and it is annoying me to death!

Anyone know how to resolve this??


  Taff36 11:06 10 Jul 2005

This thread may help. Only spotted it myself last night but follow the link and have a read! click here

  Taff36 11:08 10 Jul 2005

Sorry - That relates to wireless but may be related.

  Kate B 11:10 10 Jul 2005

The usual question: do you also have up to date anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware software running?

  mcarrick6 11:23 10 Jul 2005

Kate, I have NIS2005, Spybot and Ad-aware, all of them newly installed...

Actually the problem started approx when I installed NIS2005

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:33 10 Jul 2005

Dump NIS and install AVG free click here Also download Ccleaner from and delete all it finds. You could also download Regseeker from click here and delete all it finds. NIS slows down computers immeasurably. Ccleaner and regseeker will cleanout your computer like no other.


  Belatucadrus 11:51 10 Jul 2005

You haven't given your PC system specs, but I agree with Gandalf any PC old enough to have 98se as an OS is probably suffering with the demands made by NIS as its RAM requirements for 98 are about 64Mb.
A quick look on the net reveals you aren't the only one with this problem click here

For a free AV package I prefer avast! click here but they're both good.

If you really want to stick with NIS you probably need to hit Crucial for a memory upgrade click here .

  mcarrick6 14:00 11 Jul 2005

have now dumped NIS2005 and I have installed and runned the cclear stuff, but the problem remains!

God, I hate this!!

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