Internet problem?

  7 12:59 23 Oct 2004

Hi!!! I have got very unusual problem. i live in a hosstel and i can dial outside line with 9 through internal exchange. As i am intersested in taking the internet connection which doesn't have limitation i applied for all the companies and none of the companies operates in hostel accept aol but in that my phone only dials up one particular number 08081404444 not the rest of others number which have been given in there phone directory. i talked to aol ppl and they told me that on that number i can take only 30hrs plan for 15.99GBP. after if i exceed than i have to pay 1pence per mini don't want to live with this type of tensed situation.....talked with my hostel phone company they can't do anything. taked to aol technecal support and they r also helpless......any suggestion wat to do or any other internet company apart from aol, tesco, wanadoo, btyahoo, ....any advice will b appreciated...

  Graham ® 13:25 23 Oct 2004

Tricky! To have unmetered access, which is what I think you would prefer, the ISP would need a dedicated phone line with CLI (Calling Line Identity) so it can check who is 'calling' for internet access. So, unless you are able to have such a line installed, that is not going to be an option for you.

So you are limited to a service such as the AOL you mention, or a Pay as YOU Go service.

  Forum Editor 13:26 23 Oct 2004

a dial-up setting so that the modem dials a 9 before dialing the rest of the access number.

Just right-click on the icon for your connection in Control panel/network connections and select properties from the menu. Then alter the dialed number by placing a 9, in front of it. Please note that there's a comma (,) after the 9 - this makes the modem insert a pause, so that the automatic telephone system has time to set a dialing tone on the line.

If you still have problems after this it may be that the modem is trying to dial before the dial tone comes on the line. In this case set your modem properties so that it waits for a dial tone before dialing.

  Forum Editor 13:28 23 Oct 2004

if your telephone system doesn't allow CLID to be sent to the ISP's modem then you probably won't be authenticated. ISP's need the CLID authentication so they can log your access.

  7 15:34 30 Oct 2004

thank u for ur suggestions but i think u r right that i can't take unmeterd aceess of internet till i am oin hosptel as it won't send that number as i already mentioned that i am callling from hostel.....anyway thanku for ur efforts...i am stuck now...

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