Internet problem!

  armst74 20:46 02 Mar 2004

i am using IE 6 and have a problem when using net
Each time i change page the new page begins to download and then freezes for between 15/30 seconds
can anyone shed any light on this problem? please its so frustrating

by the way i am using 56k modem

  MichelleC 21:55 02 Mar 2004

Could be a few reasons, depending on os, updates etc. Tried repair or revert to earlier version?

  armst74 22:00 02 Mar 2004

i wasn't sure what to do but i have iE 5.5 i will try to install it and see what happens
Thanks alot M

  woodchip 22:05 02 Mar 2004

I have the same problem you get used to it. Mainly in PCA. Try this and watch the two little TV's in the corner of the screen. check you speed on both icons click here

mine at the moment 5690 cps on the top icon

Bottom icon is 4910 cps

all this is, dependent on your line quality, your ISP settings do not make a lot of difference

  armst74 22:26 02 Mar 2004

1200 top icon
3500 bottom

  woodchip 22:31 02 Mar 2004

Try the top one again as it may not give the correct reading first time you try it this one should be faster than the bottom one as the file is smaller but it look's like your line thats not good

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