internet problem

  Rennaissance 16:49 25 Feb 2004

hello, i have a problem browsing the internet recently. Some web pages would fail to load and then after a moment it would load fine. Like pcadvisor takes years to get logged in and to the helproom. Just now i got an error saying internet explorer could not open www pcadvisor com operation aborted. Not that exact address but along the lines. Im on NTL BB and they dont seem to have a server problem. Anyone help?

  temp003 04:10 26 Feb 2004

Difficulty in logging on to this site is probably because of too much traffic and the server is too busy.

The Internet Explorer error, could not open pcadvisor aborted etc, is an error which has just started on this site in the last couple of days (for me anyway). The strange thing is, usually, just before the error, I could see the webpage loaded and flashing up on the screen for a short time, and then the error message appears, then the webpage disappears. Refreshing it will bring the page back up immediately. Only happens with this site.

So probably not a problem with your computer.

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