Internet pop-up generating a network connection

  Andrew-269003 18:06 22 Nov 2003

I am experiencing a popup from a porn site. This popup appears very frequently and then it seem to generate a new network connection (PRPI). My own connection (BTopenworld) is then disconnected, and this porn site is heard to dial up. I have to shut down and then on rebooting, I have a porn icon on the desktop and in the network connection area of the Control panel I have a new connection, PRPI. I have tried to clean all cookies and anything else I think is relevant, but even using a pop up blocker'Stopzilla' does not prevent it from returning. Can anyone help?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:20 22 Nov 2003

Have you tried any spyware checkers - both AdAware from and spybot search and destroy should help to clear this for you.

  Andrew-269003 12:56 24 Nov 2003

Sorry for not replying sooner, I have downloaded AdAwareand it has'nt worked. Even as I type this, the porn site is butting in (and Stopzilla is still functioning!). As soon as I log on, this porn site butts in. Then, after a few minutes, I get a dialogue box (that can't be cancelled) saying 'Accessing' and it counts up in a percentage. When the percentage has reached 100%, ny connection with BTopenworld is switched off and this other network connection begins to dial. I cannot delete this connection unless I switch my computer off and then reboot. Any other advice you can give?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:24 24 Nov 2003

click here for spybot S&D - it is pretty good.

But you must have some sort of spyware / adware enabled program installed. Check in the startup folder for what is there; also have a look in the msconfig (Start, run, msconfig) for what is starting there.

  A_World_Maker 18:01 24 Nov 2003

You can also set the default connection... Control Panel, Internet Options... Connections... 'always dial my default connection' and select your 'default connection'.. also try checking the 'Tell me before swapping connections' which will create a popup window asking your permission before dialing...

This isn't a remedy for your current situation, but will hopefully prevent 'porn dialups' from hijacking your connection in the future without your knowledge.

  Andrew-269003 19:59 24 Nov 2003

Thanks for all advice. Still no joy. In reply to the spybot S&D - this stops (jams?) at 2957/5853;c2 lop and goes no further. AVG has scanned and found a dialer virus:TrojanhorseBackdoor SVC.a in C:Windows/System32/SVCINIT.exe, but cannot delete file, so keeps it alive! Any more advice please? As to the default connection, I've gone through what you suggest, but cannot find always dial my default connection and'Tell me before swapping connections' Any more help? Sorry to be a thicky, but I'm new to this. I'am also fed up trying to reply to you with the porn site butting in at the same time.

  moh23 20:29 24 Nov 2003

have you got a firewall if not download outpost firewall free

  moh23 20:37 24 Nov 2003

if you go to control panel lok in add remove box if you can see the offending program try to uninstall it

  Andrew-269003 14:23 28 Nov 2003

Thanks for all the advice I've received. I installed a firewall, and up until now, it would'nt let me on the net!. I am using AVG, the firewall and Stopzilla, and I think (hope!) that they have cured the dialler problem, but the pop up is still happening. I think that whatever it is, it is still in my system and re-activates each time I boot up.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:26 28 Nov 2003

Have you tried AdAware - from click here? The basic version should clear it for you seems that SpyBot is not working.

  Andrew-269003 19:12 29 Nov 2003

Yes I've installed Adaware. I am using it, although I am still being zapped. Even at this moment, the porn page has just popped up, and the Stopzilla has warned me that I am still getting them. By the way, is there another kind of blocker? Stopzilla is only a trial version and will expire soon.

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