Internet on PC and Laptop at Uni.

  biteblue 19:31 14 Oct 2007

I'm currently studing at the University of Kent at Canterbury. I have a PC and a MacBook. Unfortunaty you have to activate your PC/Mac when you attach it to the network in order to connect. I've tried using a router to share the connection whcih doesn't work and i've also tried using my second Ethernet on my PC and creating a Network Bridge. But as it says in the Uni handbook the connection will not work when a network bridge is active. So im kinda lost for solutions. I need a way to connect my MacBook to the net through my PC. If anyone has any ideas i would greatly appreciate it.


  mgmcc 22:26 14 Oct 2007

Not sure what you mean by "activate" your PC/Mac but if you mean register its MAC address (Media Access Control address), then you should be able to connect a Cable/DSL router and *clone* the MAC address that has already been registered.

Alternatively, and provided the UNI network doesn't operate in the subnet, you should be able to set up "Internet Connection Sharing" with either the PC or Mac as the "host" computer.

A "network bridge" is not the answer ;)

  biteblue 22:41 14 Oct 2007

Yes when i say activte i mean regitering my MAC address. How would i "clone" a MAC address on a Linksys router?

  mgmcc 08:57 15 Oct 2007

In my Linksys WRT54GS it is done in the "Setup" section then "MAC address clone" sub-section.

You can either enter the address that's already registered or it can automatically "clone" the address of the network adapter connected to it.

Screenshot - click here

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