Internet Pages refuse to load

  Procrastinus 16:46 17 Oct 2005

My new Dell computer with XP + SP2 has thrown a wobbly. It will connect to the ISP but then all pages on internet stick halfway through downloading. The MS update 'shield' icon also shows 'downloading updates - 0%' Shutdown now takes much longer than before. I have done 2 system restores to dates well before, scandisc and defrag to no avail. Is there a conflict between the downloads? Help to sort out please!

  Number 7 18:23 17 Oct 2005

I'd turn off Automatic Updates for the time being and reboot.

Does this make any difference to the loading of web pages?

If all seems okay, I'd go to the Windows Update site and download the updates manually- maybe even one at a time.

  Procrastinus 20:54 17 Oct 2005

Thanks Number 7, but I am unable to load the MS pages as well and the auto update is already off. Would appreciate any other suggestions

  Number 7 22:22 17 Oct 2005

When you say the pages "stick" half way through downloading do you mean part of the page is displayed, or that the blue progress bar goes no further than half way?

How long has this been going on?

Are you sure the problem isn't at your ISP's end?

If auto update is off, and you're sure there's nothing else hogging the bandwith, then I can only suggest a good clear out with this- it's free click here.

If that doesn't sort it, then I think we're looking at a repair of Internet Explorer.

  Procrastinus 17:06 18 Oct 2005

Hi Number 7. The pages do not load and the blue bar stops halfway. Started a couple of days ago. ISP works fine on my older machine. It also occurs with Mozilla Firefox. Just seen a news item in PC Advisor on problems with latest MS updates - could this be connected? I have also run CCleaner! Over to you and thanks again!

  Number 7 20:27 18 Oct 2005

How does the affected PC connect to the internet?

You've used System Restore- no luck.

It affects both IE6 and Firefox for all sites.

I don't really know how to proceed now, the problem could be caused by the Windows Updates, your firewall, a DNS error, a winsock problem, malware or Windows itself.

If you don't have any files on the computer that you want to keep, I'd be tempted to just format and reinstall/restore Windows.

If you want to persevere, then here are a few simple things to try- if it still won't work, then it's going to be a matter of elimination.

Type this directly into IE's address bar:

It's the IP address of Google UK.

If the page appears, then the problem is DNS related.

Turn off/disable or even uninstall your firewall and try IE again.

If the above hasn't worked then were're left with a malware/winsock problem, or Windows is sulking.

These threads refer to connection loss for both IE and Firefox at the same time, and in both cases the cause was malware.

click here

click here

If you can transfer files to/from your PCs then you can do the following:

To see if the problem is malware related you can download HijackThis from click here.

Install it in its own folder i.e. Program Files/HijackThis, run the program and save the resulting log file.

Post the log here click here first forum where the message about logs is displayed.

If your log checks out then all that's left is Windows itself.

It could be a case of running LSPFix (specialist knowledge required), re-registering some DLLs, or repairing Windows- see the first link above.

  Procrastinus 17:55 19 Oct 2005

Number 7 you get my vote!! Turning off the firewall worked a treat - so I'll now try to find out the problem with Norton and rely on the Windows firewall in the meantime. Many thanks again.

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