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I have a BT 2091 Voyager wireless router set up on my PC and can open all the internet as long as I am connected by the USB port. However upon trying to connect via wireless without the USB connection.The inetrnet loads but I get the message cannot find server. I have also loaded the router on to my lap top and the same thing happens.The router connects wirelessly to the lap top and give a connected signal of excellent strength. I have entered the key and also entered the IP adds and DNS no's showing when I am connected by the USB to no avail.I even tried re- installing BT Broadband on the lap top which it does OK if connected by USB or Ethernet.But as soon as I try to load wirelessly it gets to the signal test and says cannot detect a signal,yet clearly the Lap top is receiving one as it says excelent strength signal. I treied BT Help desk but they were no good they suggested I took it to a computer shop. It is driving me nuts.

  [DELETED] 10:58 28 Mar 2006

If you are referring to settings via a URL address of 192.168.n.1 in your Internet Browser's address window, those are configuration settings on your router rather then the PC/Laptop you happend to be on.

Assuming your router configuration settings are done correctly, including changing the default SSID to one of your own choosing, you have a 2nd set of tasks to do, to make your Laptop connect wirelessly.
Have you done this already via Control Panel> Network Connections> Wireless Network Connections> Preferred Networks>?

You say your laptop gets an excellent signal. Is that from your own wireless router? (As shown by your unique SSID?) Or next door's with an identical default SSID as yours was?

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Thanks Danoh
I get the wireless connection saying
connected to Btvoyager 2091 signal strength excellant. So I click firefox and it connects to the internet but says cannot find server.

  [DELETED] 20:14 28 Mar 2006

1) Change your SSID to something else from the default "BT Voyager 2091" to be sure it is your network you are trying to connect to.

2) Did you add a "Preferred Network" on your laptop (& any other wirelessly connected client), duplicating the relevant settings EXACTLY as you have done for your router?
Check and double-check settings.
If you have never done this, your wireless client will not connect to your router in a reliable manner.

3) You have not proved you have connected to the internet when all you get is an error message saying the server is not found.
You have to see a current web page's up-to-date content, e.g. the bbc click here to do that.

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Hi there, I am experiencing exactly the same issue, have full connectivity from my wired desktop connected to the Voyager2091 via USB but when I try to connect my Sony Vaio laptop I get the 'cannot detect router message' during installation despite showing as connected in the Wireless Network Connection screen - seems to 'hang' at Acquiring Network Address,- connecting the laptop via ethernet to router does not help, still get no internet connection at the laptop. 9 hours online with BTBroadband help with no success, they just hung up on me when the telephone support line could not fix it. It is driving me nuts so any help appreciated

  [DELETED] 14:31 12 May 2006

I had the same issue, in the end I ran Advanced WindowsCare and it fixed the problem - however I have no idea what the problem was!!! Sorry

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