internet page wont load on pc , ok on laptop

  nobbyhigo 20:23 28 Apr 2010

still got problems on this one .Was ok then niether firefox or IE would load a page i have just had a clean install of xp and the same happens. we have a internet connection on the desktop with ethernet , but the page wont load, but the same cable will load laptop fine. Whats to check now . Well fed up with it

  Technotiger 20:28 28 Apr 2010

If using a Router try re-setting it.

  nobbyhigo 20:35 28 Apr 2010

i am using a netgear router . Excuse my ignorance but why would reseting it help when the laptop runs fine from the same port/ ethernet cable on the router and wifi is great on laptop and itouch

  Technotiger 20:48 28 Apr 2010

Sorry, didn't read the question properly.

You could try running the Connection Wizard on desktop, to check all settings.

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