Internet on a notepad

  Paul-has-more-of-a-clue...:@) 23:59 15 Sep 2005

Hi gang,
I have been forced to move the PC into the spare room at or new house, but it is like having my arm cut of. I need to get a notepad/laptop that will enable me to get onto the internet. I would like to be able to get onto the net anywhere (ie: when I am out and about, but will be happy with getting the net in my kitchen if the former cost is prohibative.
Any top advice would be appriciatted....

I have the oppertunity to buy a TOSHIBA SATELLITE A30-129 NOTEBOOK for £100. Will this do the job???

Cheers all as always..:)

  johnnyrocker 11:20 16 Sep 2005

i would think it would do the job.


  Skills 15:47 16 Sep 2005

If it doesn't have wireless built in the you will need to get a wireless card either one in PC card form or USB, that is if you wish to connect wirelessly.

Then to be able to share your internet connection in the house wirelessly you will need to purchase a router that has wireless capabilities. Once the router is configured you will then be able to access the internet anywhere in your house via the wireless card in your laptop.

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