Internet Not Available.

  XLewisDX 17:36 02 Oct 2014

Checked that internet access is available, yes. Checked that booster is receiving a signal from my router, yes. checked my switch is receiving a signal from my booster, yes lights are green. checked that the switch is working with other computers, yes because another computer is connected via a Ethernet cable and is able to access the internet. Replaced Ethernet cable with a confirmed working one, done still no internet. checked to see if my computer is recognizing an Ethernet cable is connected; no, the computer believes an Ethernet cable is connected. I then checked that the Ethernet port is enabled. yes it is enabled. My computer is failing to realizing an Ethernet cable is plugged in.

  XLewisDX 17:38 02 Oct 2014

I believe that the Ethernet port is broke but would like confirmation.

  Ian in Northampton 17:52 02 Oct 2014

It could be. An option that would involve you spending a little money to confirm your diagnosis might be to get a USB/Ethernet dongle like this to check it out. (And if it is a faulty socket, this would be the cheapest solution in all likelihood.)

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