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  Mananin 23:39 17 Dec 2003

This query will only be of interest to those, like me, who are PAYG clients.
Whilst considering the contents of, and a response to, an email I suddenly realise that I am still on-line when I could have been off-line thus incurring more cost than necessary.
I know there is an internet icon (double monitor) down in the Task Bar but it is insignificant, its green colour is “lost” amongst the other icons, and I KNOW that I should watch it.
Does anybody know a way to change the properties of the icon to say a larger or even a flashing red icon?
( Windows98SE: IExplorer 5)
Merry Christmas to All


  FormatKing 01:37 18 Dec 2003

when you finnish a phone call you hang up
same with connecting through a modem when you are finished simply disconnect else suffer large phon e bills

  Djohn 02:07 18 Dec 2003

Not sure about changing the colour Mananin, but you can open IE. go to tools/options/connections tab and place a tick in the box, "Hang up after sending/receiving."

  Djohn 02:10 18 Dec 2003

Merry Christmas to you as well. Sorry, I forgot to say that in my first reply. :o(

  petersmyth1 02:28 18 Dec 2003

Djohn so you only post here weekly then? :-) A Merry Xmas to you too. luv and XXXs .....Peter

  Simsy 10:17 18 Dec 2003


from click here

It is simple to set up and monitors all kinds of things.

Personally I don't use it to monitor costs, but use it to ensure my firewall and AV are running when I connect to the net.

I have also got it configured to start a very small programme, (that I made myself using VB), when disconnecting from the net. All this prog does is display a big bright yellow message on screen reminding me to check the BT 1571 service. It's appearance tells me that I am disconnected.

If you, or anyone else, would like this "1571" prog,(20kb) just email me using the envelope by my name.

Note that it is nothing clever, just a form that appears with a cancel button. I use "Tick" to start it.



  Mananin 20:06 18 Dec 2003

Thanks Simsy.
There is a lot to study. Will try when I understand it all.

  Mananin 23:32 20 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reference to "Tick".....seems to answer my question.

  Djohn 01:44 21 Dec 2003

Who's petersmyth1?

I'll accept the love and kisses though! Don't get enough to throw any away! :o(

  petersmyth1 02:11 22 Dec 2003

Djohn I was just wondering about all the Xmas palaver a week before the day. Keep the luv and XXXs there's sod all else in the post. lmao ...Peter

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