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  SantasLittleHelper 17:55 23 Aug 2003

Hi everyone, am running AMD 1800,512Mg Ram, Windows 98SE, and am on broadband. I am having a problem when logging on to the internet, if I don't log on immediately I boot the computer up, I can't get on. Even after five minutes it won't log on. If I log on immediately after boot up there is no problem connecting. Does anyone else have the same problem or know the answer?

  SantasLittleHelper 16:06 24 Aug 2003

My modem is USB powered and lights go off when the computer is switched off. Your Porsche fell off the back of the sleigh, will try again this year(but don't hold your breath)

  SantasLittleHelper 16:08 24 Aug 2003

p.s. dadyassa, am in your neck of woods next Sat for two weeks, can I order sunshine now! Will put Porsche in suitcase for you if you have been a good boy.

  SantasLittleHelper 11:52 25 Aug 2003

Glad to hear you've been a good boy, will bring Porsche with me but unfortunately sleigh will only land at Malaga airport. Will leave it in matchbox with reception.

  powerless 15:53 25 Aug 2003

What modem are you using?

Have you updated the drivers?

I cannot remember the full path in 98 so here goes > Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Find the Universal Serial Bus Controller stuff > Right click them all (ope at a time though) and click properties > See if there is a power managment tab within the properties and look for "Allow the computer to turn off this device of to save power" Deselect it...

You could also add the connection to the startup folder so that when the computer start a connection will be established automatically.

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