Internet Limited Connectivity

  clurrenshviden 22:08 15 Apr 2015

Hi everyone,

I've recently bought a new laptop and every so often the internet connection becomes limited.

I've tried different devices, and they all connected fine.

I've tried googling the issue and some people say to turn off the firewall in McAfee, but I'd assume it's best to keep that on!

Any help would be really appreciated. And in layman's, as I'm a complete novice.

Many thanks Claire

  kad292 01:34 16 Apr 2015

During peak hours sometimes the connection will drop because of crowding.Are you using a router if so what make.? It could be that changing the channel on your router will solve the issue.

Another check you could make is icon (lower left screen) > control panel > network and internet > network and sharing > (look down page) troubleshoot problems > network adapter ..follow prompts for diagnostic check.

  clurrenshviden 07:20 16 Apr 2015

Is the router the box with the lights? Sorry for the terrible question! How would I change the channel?

I'll also try the diagnostic check tonight.

Thanks, Claire

  kad292 09:41 16 Apr 2015

Yes a box with lights on,look at the make..BT,Virgin,Sky box ? should have documentation (booklet) about the device which shows you how to access it..on my virgin box i access the device this way...previous as far as

network sharing..then i

double click on the home icon...(top of page)..

menu box..(drops down)

device homepage...(click)

connects to the net revealing my devices (routers) homepage..then

in the boxes.... password and pin number....these you will find on the rear or

underside of your box or in the documentation.

Does not work all the time cause just tried it.Blimey

  kad292 09:53 16 Apr 2015


One of the other members may have an easier way but that is how i have done it.

  kad292 10:03 16 Apr 2015

Question i should have asked...are you using a Windows 8 or 7 pc,accessing in 8 is different than the W7 i use i imagine.

  clurrenshviden 10:35 16 Apr 2015

I'm on a Windows 8 laptop

  Daisy_Michael 13:25 16 Apr 2015

Try to get the official application (driver) for your Wi-Fi adopter - Sometimes it's the default driver that causes such issues.

  Daisy_Michael 13:26 16 Apr 2015

From Wi-Fi Adopter, I mean the Network Adopter (can be Wi-Fi) right?

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