internet keeps dropping out

  sunnystaines 19:20 25 Jul 2013

with talktalk, just moved same laptops, same router, every few hours internet stops for a second or so have to restart browser, other times reboot of router needed.[happens to both laptops at same time]

catch 22 if talktalk investigate and its not the phoneline i get a hefty bill.

what could i check out first.

  bumpkin 19:31 25 Jul 2013

Sunnystaines, glad you have resettled in greener pastures. Just had talktalk check my line there was no charge, what makes you think that.

  Nontek 19:47 25 Jul 2013

I have a friend in Chester area using Talk Talk, local Exchange has had problems today, don't know if that is anywhere near you.

  rdave13 20:04 25 Jul 2013

You could ask TalkTalk to monitor the line for you. I'm sure they would also suggest to possibly try another router, change filters etc. Possibly just have the router connected for a while (no phones,Sky) to see if you still get drop-outs.

  rdave13 20:10 25 Jul 2013

Have a look at this if you have a master socket, click here

  bumpkin 21:59 25 Jul 2013

rdave13 8.10pm that is exactly what talktalk asked me to do before confirming that the line was OK and the fault was with my equipment, which it was, though not a router in my case.

  sunnystaines 22:37 25 Jul 2013

thanks for the replies

  spuds 00:06 26 Jul 2013

I am with TalkTalk, and the last few days there appears to be one or two disconnections on the broadband side. Would suspect possibly due to change of weather conditions, everything seems fine again.

With regards to a line check with TalkTalk, you will most likely need a mobile phone handy. You may also need to go through a off-screen Q&A procedure. The last time they did a line check for me, I wasn't all that impressed. That resulted in their own local sub-contract engineer being called out. TalkTalk wanted £99.99, I managed to reduce the fee to £29.99, the engineer when he arrived wanted me to sign a form stating £49.99. After my refusal, we settled for £29.99 which fortunately I didn't have to pay, because the engineer soon found a fault with TalkTalk/BT equipment.

The final correction for that fault resulted with quite a lengthy process of fault finding and equipment changes at and from the exchange to my home.

  bumpkin 21:09 26 Jul 2013

spuds, did they inform you of these charges as no one mentioned it to me and I won't be very happy if they put them on my next bill.

  rdave13 21:34 26 Jul 2013

bumpkin , it's the same with any ISP. If the fault is outside your home then you incur no charges. Engineering fault out side of your home is not your responsibility. Same as any other utility. Any problems within the property and it is your responsibility after the master socket. That's fair enough I think but an Openreach engineer's rate isn't cheap to fix a fault within your property. Hence the ISP usually tries to make sure the problem is outside the property before a BT engineer is sent. They will, usually, go through fault finding with the customer first, that in its self is long and drawn out, but eventually worth the hassle. I went through it my self with Plusnet and faults were found in the exchange 'green' cupboard. Note 'faults' not fault. Old connections corroded showing intermittent faults. Openreach engineer connected his gear to the old fashioned 'connection box' by a landing window and waited for at least 15 mins and the meter peeped an alarm. It spiked at random times and pinpointed the fault. The green cabinet was only four hundred yards away. He left his monitoring equipmenr on the line as it transmitted a 'ping' for want of a better word. Found a corroded connection, changed it, found that the contention was too high and changed my line to a new 'block' with lower contention. That's a while ago now. Am I happy? No. No sign of fibre optics :(

Oh, the engineer also put in a proper master socket, after I asked, as an appology for a poor service.

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