internet keeps disconnecting why?

  Bodice 01:16 14 Mar 2005

im running windows XP and i have broadband...

As im on the internet in certain pages it will just disappear.
can anyone help me

  p;3 01:39 14 Mar 2005

thats better
well done:)

now; what happens when you have this occuring; are you using IE , and how do the pages close; any pages in particular; or is it the PC actually disconnecting altogether from the web?

and how long has this been happening?

as much detail as possible please for the team to deal with :))

  Bodice 01:48 14 Mar 2005

ill be surfing the net lets say kelkoo, ill find an item i want to look at, ill open that page then ill want some more info so ill open that page, it will give you the last page before the checkout as i go to click that it'll just disconnect from the internet and the send error report will come.
im connected to the internet with a ethernet cable and am using blueyonder.
its been happening for about two weeks, ive restored and it still does it.

  zarobian 07:35 14 Mar 2005

Have you tried running Blueyonder Instant Support Tool?

You can get this downloaded from the Blueyonder Home page or from the software disk provided at the time of installation.

Give it a try.

  Bodice 07:47 14 Mar 2005

thanks ill try that and get back.

  Bodice 08:12 14 Mar 2005

tried that and not fixed....
i have tried these same sites in msn explorer and all the pages work i dont get no disconnection, i cant think what could be causing this.

  zarobian 07:59 15 Mar 2005

Try reseting your SECURITY AND ADVANCE setting to it Default values.

  greenfeld69 08:56 15 Mar 2005

If, like me, you have the Speedtouch USB green manta ray modem, then you need a driver update. Mine, with the CD drivers, drops out quite often. When I run the update it never happens.

Worth trying!

  Bodice 09:08 15 Mar 2005

thank you for all your replies.
ive tried the internet ex settings and its still the same and i havent got that form of moden i have a motorola surfboard.
Im really stuck!!

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