Internet jargon ?

  Ikelos 15:19 27 Mar 2006

Hi, trying to show my age, just been online on a message thingy with my niece, she is 10 I am. lets say late 60's, there a site which will show me the sort of short cuts they use,,,,I know things like "lol" and "brb" but what the heck is "na" plus others..


yes, it is a shame.... :-)))

  SANTOS7 15:23 27 Mar 2006

click here
bet theres a few here your niece doesn't know....

  ACOLYTE 15:24 27 Mar 2006

na could be NO? or not applicable,but i suspect its no,i dont know a site but do know how you feel i have the same with my kids lol,i just try to picked it up as i went on.

  SANTOS7 15:28 27 Mar 2006

Blimey, you managed to pick it up, my daughter is 16
when she is typing on MSN its like a completely new language, i gave up long ago.

  pj123 15:29 27 Mar 2006

Try Acronym Finder. Just type in the search box what you want to know and then scroll down for the answer.

click here

Generally the first one on the list is the most common.

  SANTOS7 15:33 27 Mar 2006

click here=
need any more try some of these......

  ACOLYTE 15:33 27 Mar 2006

I have an idea about most things,but some are just way over my head,they can and usually do make up things as they go along,and i havent a clue what they are on about.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:34 27 Mar 2006

A good few years younger but at the age where thinking about the pension comes before thinking about promotion :0)

I have been speaking / reading English for 50 odd years but have serious problems with some posts.

I do not seem to be speaking anywhere near the same language as some of the members who write in text format with little or no punctuation.

LMAO - Laughing my a** off
ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
FWIW - For What It's Worth
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
<G> - Grinning
A/S/L - Age/Sex/Location
AISI - As I See It
B4 - Before B4N /
BFN - Bye For Now
BRB - Be Right Back
CIO - Check It Out
CSL - Can't Stop Laughing
CUL8R / CYL - See You Later
F2F - Face-to-Face GR8 -
Great GTG -
Got To Go HAK -
Hugs And Kisses
HB - Hurry Back
IDK - I Don't Know
IDTS - I Don't Think So
IMO - In My Opinion
IOW - In Other Words
IYKWIM - If You Know What I Mean IYSS -
If You Say So
J/K - Just Kidding
KWIM - Know What I Mean
L8R - Later
LMK - Let Me Know
OIC - Oh, I See OMG -
Oh My Gosh
OTOH - On the Other Hand
PLS - Please
SWDYT - So What Do You Think?
THX or TX or THKS - Thanks
TYVM - Thank You Very Much
WB - Welcome Back WDYS -
What Did You Say?
WDYT - What Do You Think?
YGBK - You Gotta Be Kidding

:) or :-) or :o) - Smile

:D - Smile / laughing / big grin

:( or :-( or :o( - Sad face/frown

:| - Grim face

:* or :-)x(-: - Kiss

;) - Wink

:X - My lips are sealed

:P - Sticking out tongue

{} - A hug

{{{{{{{ }}}}}}} - Lots of hugs

:'( - Crying

O:) - Angel

':) - Raising one eyebrow

,:) - Raising other eyebrow

8^[ - Stuck up / fed up

}:> - Devil

>:-{ - Hurt and angry

:-` - Hint of a smile

:[email protected] - Not feeling too great

:-! - Used unrepeatable language

<------ - Referring to yourself

$) - I love money

:-& - Tongue-tied

<|:-) - Witch

":¢( - Punk smiley

  Ikelos 15:49 27 Mar 2006

thank you so much for the help, nice one, now she will see who she is up against..

thanks again

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