Internet Issues Homeplug on and off

  LiamCollins 10:40 12 Aug 2013


My homeplug which is wired into my computer is very buggy. It will sometimes "turn off" when all lights on it are on and green. To fix the problem I need to turn the homeplug off and back on. But the problem soon returns and I must repeat the step again. This is really irritating me please help.

  lotvic 12:57 12 Aug 2013

Please tell us the make and model number of the homeplug.

This can happen if homeplug is plugged into an extension lead, if that applies to yours, try swapping it to the socket nearest to the mains lead on the extension lead.

  LiamCollins 09:38 13 Aug 2013

The homeplug is an Aztech HL110EW and yes it is plugged into an extension lead but it is still able to suffer from this problem. I end up turning it off then moving it to another point on the extension lead and when it happens again I move it to a different point on the extension lead.

  wee eddie 13:25 13 Aug 2013

It's quite simple ~ It needs to be plugged into the Mains

It is possible that you could solve the problem, either, by using a 30Watt extension, or, by bypassing the Fuse in the plug that your Extension plugs into the wall socket. Potentially, a very dangerous thing to do.

  LiamCollins 08:20 14 Aug 2013

For my main their is only one plug. Would an adaptor with multiple plugs work the same way?

  wee eddie 08:51 14 Aug 2013

The simplest solution would be to get a Pass-Through Version of the HomePlug

  onthelimit1 11:04 14 Aug 2013

Mine is plugged into an adaptor in the mains socket. An extension cable is plugged into the other outlet to drive PC, printer etc. It works fine.

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