Internet intrusion by popup adverts

  Baslar 15:04 10 Nov 2012


I have noticed an increasing tendency for popup adverts to appear every time I move my mouse over any highlight on the Internet. They are nothing but a confounded nuisance. Is there anything can be done to stop them?


  wee eddie 15:10 10 Nov 2012

Do not Track Plus This could help

  lotvic 15:20 10 Nov 2012

they are variously called: Mouseovers, skimlinks, intellitext and others. A form of advertising that generates income for the website (like adverts on TV) any advice to stop them is not popular with Site Admin (posts seem to vanish) suggest you google for how to block them.

  spiderlegz 16:57 10 Nov 2012

The most effective advert/popup bocking program that I sometimes use is called Peerblock. Works a treat & you can get it here for free. Run the program before you start surfing & say goodbye to those pesky adverts!

  Baslar 11:53 16 Nov 2012


Thanks for the suggestion of Peerblock.

I have installed it but now it is blocking sites I want to access. If I then allow HTTP I get the site to load but then the very popup adds I want to stop appear again. I have to confess that I don't fully understand how to use this program. It talks about creating lists but how do I do that. I see the List Manager but if I need to enter a name I wish to block how do I know what that should be. The site I use a lot is Obviously they have agreed to these popup ads but the trouble is they are not allowing me to use any of their hightlighted links because if I try to use them all I get is a flaming advert appear. It all seems to be rather pointless.

Cheers, Baslar

  onthelimit1 14:07 16 Nov 2012

Hmmm. Think you might be better with the free adblock.

  lotvic 14:30 16 Nov 2012

I use AdBlockPlus addon with Fanboy's List, for Firefox. It stops almost all of the Affiliate Links. It can be turned on or off for all or just one site or page. This gives greater control as I can choose to see the adverts or not (if they become too intrusive) I can also add my own list to block and view the blocked ones. To see which affiliate is sending the advert just hover your mouse over the link and look at the bottom bar in browser and you can see the url who is serving it to you.

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