Internet history

  bikemonkey 17:51 10 Feb 2006

How can I access a complete internet history? I want to check what my son has been looking at. He knows how to clear history in internet options but is there any way I can still find it?

  acfc 18:07 10 Feb 2006

Try this

'Index.dat Suite is a rather unique program that allows you not only to delete the index.dat files, temporary internet files, temp files, cookies and history, but it also allows you to view the index.dat files on your system.'

click here

  pj123 18:10 10 Feb 2006

You could try looking in Cookies or Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE

Unless, of course, he knows how to delete those as well.

The other question is "Why?" Don't you trust him?

I have two daughters and they have unrestricted access to the internet. I trust them implicitly. If they happen on dodgy sites they tell me. We then, between us, get it sorted.

  rawprawn 18:11 10 Feb 2006

click here
Download and run this ,if you search include clusters and Zero files you can restore what has been deleted in temp files.Be careful, you may come face to face with something you don't like, but it is part of adolescents growing up. Try to remember the things you did as a teenager!

  curlylad 18:48 10 Feb 2006

If he hasn't had time to delete his history you could try :- open internet explorer , click tools at the top of the screen , highlight and click internet options , next click settings button centre right and then finally click the view files button.

  dmc727 20:13 10 Feb 2006

I’ve raised sons but the internet came after they left home – seems unbelievable that it has only been around generally in the UK for just over ten year.

I now have grand children who like to use the internet but the computer they use is, purposely, easily viewable by other householders. If left on their own I would probably try some kind of parental control program, however I’ve not had to go down that route so I’m not au fait with their pros and cons.

Obviously parents are on board and our view is to try and be open about what we do. Kids are more aware of things from school etc than we realise.

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