Internet History

  dogbreath1 18:17 31 Dec 2004

XP. Firefox. There's loads of free progs. to delete internet history. Does anyone know of one which also deletes Google toolbar and Google search history. If not, can it be done manually, and if so, how?

  gudgulf 18:22 31 Dec 2004

This one does click here

  dogbreath1 13:29 01 Jan 2005

XP/Firefox.Thanks, gudgulf. CrapCleaner doesn't remove MRU history from either Google Search or Google Toolbar. Neither does the following prog. but its worth looking at as part of a privacy solution click here
. The MRU-Blaster prog. is quite impressive but it doesn't clear Google Toolbar or Google Search MRUs either.
I've come across two ways of removing Google MRUs, both of which are done manually.
1. Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Content Tab>Autocomplete>Clear Forms (only works after reboot), or,
2. In Firefox, Tools>Options>Saved Form Information>Clear (works without reboot). Unfortunately, if I expand the Saved Information Bar, uncheck 'Save Information I Enter In Web Page Forms and Search Bar' and click O.K., this setting reverts to the former setting following the next Google Search.
So until a free TOTALLY COMPRENSIVE privacy tool comes along, I'll use Manual Method 2. above followed by CrapCleaner and MRU-Blaster.
Thanks again for your interest in the thread.

  ACOLYTE 13:45 01 Jan 2005

You can clear google toolbar search by clicking the google icon and selecting clear search history.

  dogbreath1 16:10 01 Jan 2005

Thanks for that ACOLYTE.

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