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  madPentium 17:26 13 Oct 2003

First off, I would like to thank everyone for their good free advice todate, it really is appreciated.

This may seem like a strange request but a customer of mine called today who owns a small business. From what I could tell, he couldn't say a lot on the phone due to ears, an employee has been doing something on the internet that he shouldn't be doing and has deleted the history.
Is there a little program that can be used to track and store internet sites visited? or apart from hoping there is a cookie left on the machine, is there a way to get the history back?

Many thanks
and again, greatly appreciated.

  recap 17:43 13 Oct 2003

How has he deleted the history?
If he has just used Tools/Internet Options then there still maybe some left in Explorer. It may only be a cookie but there is a chance that there is some trace left.

  mark500 17:50 13 Oct 2003

If O/S is XP Try Local Disk C:\Documents And Settings\(NAME OF USER)\Local Settings\History and see if they still exist there.

  madPentium 19:01 13 Oct 2003

Thanks, it is xp pro, I will look there and see if any cookies are remaining.

On the issues of this type of thing, is there a way to send an email that requires a password to open it? I mean built into the email? If not, Im suprised this feature has not been part of MS. It would mean I could send an email to the owner of the company knowing no one else will be able to view it.

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