internet getting slower

  vienna1981 18:51 23 Apr 2003

I've posted about my internet stalling before, and when i put more memory in my pc this improved along with overall performance for a short while. I'm with NTL dial-up and would get broadband if I could afford it, but have to stick with dial-up for now. It's a 56k modem. But I'm definitely not imagining it but my internet seems to take longer than ever to load pages and stalls almost 70% of the time. I emailed NTL incase they had technical problems (as they always have them with their email) but they said they didn't and said the problem lies on my end. How could this be? A friend heard a rumour that ISPs such as NTl and BT had been deliberately slowing dial-up connections to try to get customers to switch to braodband, could this be possible? I honestly can say my internet was never as slow as this before.

  Forum Editor 19:27 23 Apr 2003

be that as it may, I certainly know of no deliberate policy like the one in the rumour, and I refuse to believe that either company would or is doing such a thing.

There is no shortage of customers wanting to switch to broadband, but it isn't for everyone. Some people can't justify the additional cost for the amount of time they spend on the Internet each month - I have several clients who feel that way - so they stay with the analogue service.

Presumably your computer is well maintained in terms of defragmentation etc?

  flyboy 19:37 23 Apr 2003

I agree with FE. I am another who can't afford or even justify broadband but must state that BT seem to have regular problems with diallup.

I have anytime connection and though access during the day 0900 - 1700ish speeds are generally acceptable, connections after 1800 seem to be very poor, not every night but invariably on Sat/sun/wed evenings.

Off for a pint ot 2 shortly. Less frutration

  hugh-265156 19:52 23 Apr 2003

NTLs 128k service is very good and only £14.99 per month

  Pesala 20:15 23 Apr 2003

It seems obvious to me that since so many people have switched to broadband, and now spend more time on line, downloading ten times or a hundred times more data, the overall effect has got to be a slowdown for everyone unless capacity has increased in line with demand, which I somehow doubt.

The slowdown of the PC Advisor forum is quite noticeable at peak times, around 6:30 pm.

More roads = more cars = more traffic jams

Perhaps someone in the know can tell us if my theory makes any sense or not.

  quiet 20:50 23 Apr 2003

My area (Aberdeenshire) has just recently been able to receive Broadband and I now find that the time slice allocated by my local BT exchange to my existing 56Kbps connection appears to have dropped considerably. Previously I had no difficulty accessing online services during the morning and early afternoon, but now find that the service is much slower, the modem (v.92) indicator shows less data transfer time, and I have crashed out of Internet Explorer a few times as the internet connection has been lost. Is this the typical experience of 56 Kbps modem users in areas where Broadband has become available? Can we expect a poorer service in order that others who are prepared to pay even higher prices can get a better service? Has PCADVISOR, or the Consumer Association, or any other organisation assessed the effects of Broadband upon non-broadband users?

  vienna1981 20:51 23 Apr 2003

yeah i defrag, scandisk, etc every week. The thing is I'm not talking slightly slower as I could cope with that, I'm talking frustrating kind of slower that makes me not even want to surf the net much anymore. Others in my house who use my PC have noticed it too.

  vienna1981 20:58 23 Apr 2003

sounds exactly like the same problem I have, being a student I can't afford the extra £5 a month for the NTL 128k broadband, my dial-up went up from £5 per month to £10 per month in February, so I'm not prepared to fork out another £5 a month again

  mcullum_DX4Life 21:09 23 Apr 2003

In the last two months i have noticed that my 1mb ntl: connection is really slowing down. Right up until about March it was always nice and fast, but around internet peak times it really slows down immensly, sometimes to as low as 400kbps. Something tells me ntl:'s UBR are getting way way over-subscribed! Right now, they cant even support thier 1mb service so calls for 2mb are mad lol!

So its probably not just ntl: slowing your connection down ;-)

  jeez 21:23 23 Apr 2003

conspiracy theories- they're popular alright, but in most cases not true, that's why they always remian just theories. When I used dial-up, I can't remember a day going by without some sort of niggle, connection dropping, severe slowdown etc. It seem's fair to me to say that perhaps isp's just aren't expanding their dial-up services as much thesedays and concentrating on broadband product's instead. Although people still sign up to dialup connections the expansion probably isn't there so the isp's are becoming increasingly bogged down with traffic from new sign up's. But as people have pointed out ntl's dialup service costs ten pounds a month, it's only a fiver more for 128k broadband and worth every penny, no more dialing in, no more cutoff's and imagine your dialup at the fastest it's ever been then multiply that by 2 and that's your permanent connection speed. Seriously, at that price you can't loose.

  mammak 21:29 23 Apr 2003

well folks i have a sad little 56k modem, dont have the option of broadband in our aera, but have been with btopenworld surftime , btopenworld antime ,bt24/7 all crap if your lucky you are on the net for 30 min,s most, freeserve anytime, no prob,s yep your standard 2 hour connection but you talking only 30 to 40 second dail up, am with freeserve anytime, ANYTIME

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