Internet explorer8 heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

  crantock's 13:48 07 Feb 2010

Internet explorer has gone ape. If I try to connect to the Internet via the i/e short cut (e) on my desk top all I get is cannot connect to web page/site but if i go to start/programs/Internet explorer 64bit(using vista) it works great. I have not changed anything ( worked fine 5/02, stopped working 6/02).
Also had a little windows pop up on tool bar saying i have a corrupt file run chkdsk. How do I find out what file is corrupt? and how do i run chkdsk?
Please help feel like a complete dunce

  birdface 13:55 07 Feb 2010

My Computer.Right click C I think you go into tools and there should be 2 boxes tick both and takes a while.

  Sea Urchin 14:02 07 Feb 2010

Remake the shortcut on your desktop. Go to Start - Programs - and right-click on Internet Explorer then select option to send/place shortcut on desktop.

  Garawa 15:49 09 Feb 2010

Never understood chkdisk though. I had a faulty hard drive and it told me it was fine!! A new hard drive and all issues resolved.

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