Internet Explorer won't work

  LolGold 00:30 18 Jul 2005

My sister has a big prob. Her I.E won't work. Whatever URL she puts in,it takes her to the same site, a Japanese one. Her homepage doesn't get changed. She gets the same Japanese site if she uses Windows Media Player. She has run every spyware prog available but nothings working.

She used a prog called HideIt which changes the IP address of her PC each time she clicked on it and this may have been the cause. It worked 3 times then stopped working, it's then she found she couldn't use I.E. The prog finds a proxy IP and it seems to have got stuck on that particular one. She's able to use the Internet as she uses AOL but can't access any sites at all, except that Japanese one, with I.E.

Can anyone help? I know someone has been trying to help her on AOL for a few weeks but nothings worked so far so I thought I'd give this site a try.

She's using Windows XP Pro. There used to be, in Windows 98, a facility where you could fix I.E. or take it back in time, is that not in XP Pro?


  LolGold 00:31 18 Jul 2005

Oops! Meant to say please and thanks. Sorry!


  Completealias 00:43 18 Jul 2005

Try the system file checker at the run prompt type sfc /scannow (note the space its ment to be there)

There is also a IEfix ultility here click here haven't tried that one out myself yet.

There is also a page click here that describes how to fix IE.

Hope they are of some help

  LolGold 01:01 18 Jul 2005

I'll tell my sister to try what you said.

Thanks, much obliged.


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