Internet Explorer won’t open or works v slowly

  notrom 14:35 05 Dec 2003

Internet Explorer (Windows ME) has suddenly started playing up. Either it won’t open to home page or if it does it stops functioning after visiting a few sites. It also works extremely slowly. When opening, at the bottom of the window frame I usually get a message stating “Detecting proxy settings...” – don’t think I’ve noticed this before. Any advice?

Having great difficulty even posting this, so if it takes me some time to respond to any queries bear with me! Also, can’t search previous postings to see if someone else has already asked same question – all a bit scary!!!

  endy 14:38 05 Dec 2003

Have you tried running SpyBot or Adaware? I have had similar problems on XP, they stopped when I cleared out spyware.

  notrom 14:41 05 Dec 2003

To check I'd actually managed to post, I clicked on Helproom Forum and got nothing but blank grey screen - as soon as I logged off the net my message was displayed.

  notrom 14:44 05 Dec 2003

Have run both Spybot and Adaware - both seem clear.

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