Internet explorer wont load web pages-due to ZA 5?

  Viv-208691 17:09 22 Jun 2004

Hi there, I'm extremely bemused by my PC. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded Zone Alarm 5 because several people had recommended the free Zone Labs firewall to me. However, I found that the firewall caused my internet connection to become unstable so I uninstalled the firewall. I have found since that Internet Explorer has been unable to load any pages, informing me that'The page cannot be displayed.'

I use AOL 9, IE 6 on a Win XP Home Edition PC.

Can someone please help me since I dont want to have to pay to have my PC looked at by the manufacturer.

Kind regards, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  Mikè 17:16 22 Jun 2004

Does your AOL browser work properly?

  Viv-208691 17:31 22 Jun 2004

I can sign into AOL ok (it uses the broadband connection to do this) and i can access the AOL 'channels' but no 'world wide web' services.

Therefore it must be a problem with IE.

Kind regards

  Mikè 17:33 22 Jun 2004

Yes but have you tried browsing the web using aol9 and not IE?

  Viv-208691 17:35 22 Jun 2004

Yes i have, AOL won't open the web pages either. It displays the same "page cannot be displayed" message.

Thanks for your help

  Mikè 18:22 22 Jun 2004

Ok have you tried restoring to before you installed ZA-5?

  Viv-208691 18:25 22 Jun 2004

yes but for some reason the system restore doesnt work. so that option isnt available

thanks though, i greatly appreciate your advice

  Mikè 18:36 22 Jun 2004

You could try repairing xp using the xp cd, this will keep your documents/programs ect but would loose any XP updates.

  Viv-208691 18:40 22 Jun 2004

ok i wil try that then let you know how it goes. thanks

more help in the meantime would be equally appreciated.

kind regards

  Mikè 18:41 22 Jun 2004

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