Internet Explorer - Which Version!

  spuds 19:29 16 Nov 2003

Maybe a simple answer to this one.I have just attempted to gain access to a secured banking website,but I have been refused.Their system checks my system, and it as informed me that my installed Internet Explorer requires updating.Never had this problem before, this evening.

I am running XP Pro with the SP1 installed.Microsoft website, seems to suggest that SP1 should be okay.What's going on, as I am getting confused.Are there later downloadable upgrade versions of IE.

  powerless 19:31 16 Nov 2003

Whats your bank?

  spuds 19:34 16 Nov 2003

Not telling you (;o)

Any suggestions to the above though!

  powerless 19:36 16 Nov 2003

Err no so we can see if its general problem [with the site] or just your computer.

  hugh-265156 19:42 16 Nov 2003



  spuds 23:13 16 Nov 2003

Telling me now, that the 128 bit encryption is not functioning!.

Think I will call it a day. Good Night all.

  hugh-265156 23:24 16 Nov 2003

i dont use online banking but try

tools/internet options/advanced


use SSL 2.0 & SSL 3.0 boxes maybe

  spuds 18:47 17 Nov 2003

huggyg71 -Both are ticked and okay, thanks anyway.

Contacted Goldfish [Lloyds-Tsb],their answer ???.The couple of people that I spoke to, "doesn't understand IT"??.

Put a green tick, and let the mystery remain.

  spuds 20:19 17 Nov 2003

Jester-Thanks for the CryptoFix download.Will give it a test run later.

  spuds 20:46 18 Nov 2003

Jester- Can you give more details on CryptoFix.Tried it,but still no joy with my problem.

accord-version 6. Which is 128-bit encryption. Secured Goldfish site, that I am trying to get into, refuses entry, and sends message that I do not have 128-bit encryption installed?

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