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  tooter 18:25 29 Jun 2014

I think I have a virus in my Internet Explorer programme, every time I try to open "Thompson & Morgan" gardening website I get redirected to "Rainbow Flowers" website. I think this is the only website that has this problem. What is the easiest way of sorting this problem? Operating system Windows 7 and I think IE9, laptop 6 months old. Thanks for your help

  VCR97 18:48 29 Jun 2014

Looking on Google it appears that Thompson and Morgan have some connection with Rainbow Flowers, so you might be worrying unnecessarily.

  tooter 19:04 29 Jun 2014

Yes!! I saw that as well and thought the same as you. This problem seems to of happened around the same time the two sites seem to of become linked. I have another/ older laptop and when I select Thompson & Morgan from Google it goes straight to their website and not Rainbows. Also when I am redirected to Rainbow there is no way of linking it to Thompson & Morgan, that's why I think there may is problem, may be a virus.

  Jollyjohn 19:26 29 Jun 2014

Refresh the page on the older laptop and I gues it will redirect you.

Computers have a "local cache" of websites you routinely visit, not always up to date.

  tooter 21:26 29 Jun 2014

No it does not redirect, it stays on the Thompson & Morgan website

  wee eddie 21:35 29 Jun 2014

Could this be a Cookie problem?

If so a session with CCleaner could do the trick.

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