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Internet Explorer stops working

  K*B 22:33 02 May 2012

Friends, I have a prblem. Sometimes when i'm in the middle of a web page Internet Explorer stops working, so I lose the webpage!! I use a laptop running on Vista Home Basic. This evening I made an online job application by filling in a form and submitting it online. After the system tried for a long time to submit, it displayed an error message that INTERNET EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING. This means my application was not submitted. How can I fix this problem? Please help. thanks.

  northumbria61 12:11 03 May 2012

If you do a reset your Favourites will be deleted.

  northumbria61 12:23 03 May 2012

Take a look here - a bit confusing to say the least enter link description here

If you click on RESET under the Advanced Tab it does give the option to delete (or not) your personal settings before doing a reset - however there is no mention of Favourites which is why I found the inf. in the link confusing.

  northumbria61 12:26 03 May 2012

There is a way to backup your Favourites (forgot about this one) assuming you have Firefox installed (for importing etc) enter link description here

  Snrub 12:26 03 May 2012

Just uninstall IE9 and install new copy. Favourites are easy to start again.

  Snrub 14:35 03 May 2012

Hi Buteman I don't have the issues with IE that you seem to have. I have always used it as my 1st choice and personally find it quicker than FF. When you uninstall virtually any softwware update it is unlikely it will return to the previous version in my experience.

  K*B 21:47 04 May 2012

Thanks buteman. I went into Internet options and pressed on Restore Advanced Settings. I'll watch and see if that fully solves the problem. Thanks guys, for your input.

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