Internet Explorer stopped working but it hasn't!

  Muergo 18:36 08 Aug 2012

I keep getting a frame notification saying Windows has stopped working but I just delete it and it carries on as if nothing has happened, no lost tabs, it tries to get me to close the window but by refusing seems to have no effect. What's going on?

I have run all security programs and nothing found except usual tracking cookies.

  lotvic 18:42 08 Aug 2012

Any of the solutions on sevenforums worth trying?

  Muergo 23:21 08 Aug 2012

Thanks Lotvic for thelink to this site, there seems to be many people with the same problem revolving around add ons or maybe not.

The solutions range from deleting add ons one by one until you find the culprit along to complete reinstallation of IE or even ditching it altogether and using Firefox, which is a bit desperate. Anyway I shall continue to use both browsers and copy favorites over to bookmarks just in case IE stops completely.

  birdface 23:29 08 Aug 2012

Maybe try ipconfig /flushdns in command prompt might should tell you that the dns cache has been flushed.

  Muergo 23:49 08 Aug 2012

What will that do? buteman, amI likely to lose any data?

  birdface 00:04 09 Aug 2012

No loss just clears the dns cache which sometimes helps I/E run better.

  Woolwell 09:28 09 Aug 2012

I may be barking up the wrong tree but I don't think that this is Internet Explorer stopping but is in fact Windows Explorer. In the first post it was stated that a window came up with Windows. There are many reasons for Windows Explorer stopping and these do not affect Internet Explorer.

  sunnystaines 09:59 09 Aug 2012

i get spells of this which i ignore seems to be in my opinion down to long scrips loading on a web page IE thinks it has failed but within seconds of displaying this notice the long script completes and all ok. gmail is a culprit on my machine, maybe other webs too.

  Muergo 10:46 09 Aug 2012

I haven't had it today, lotvics' link to Seven Forums gave many suggestions, posting going back to 2009 so it's nothing new.

I've disabled Google toolbar and a couple of other addons that had crept in by default from heaven knows where, but as sunny staines has said, if you ignore it and not close the window it carries on regardless.

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