Internet Explorer - some hyperlinks don't work

  [DELETED] 13:16 26 Aug 2003

My IE has suddenly started not following certain hyperlinks. It's fine when I click on most of them (including secure sites like PayPal), but some (secure or not) do not work. One website that I used to use regularly now doesn't go anywhere with the link, it just says "javascript:check_browser();" in the bottom left of the window. Another website works on the link, then presents a blank page with "Done" at bottom left. I'm amazed it has let me post this at all!
I have, so far, tried to re-install a new version of IE from a cover disk (no change), reset the internet setttings, deleted all cookies, defragged, scanned and cleared my internet history.
Any other ideas please?

  [DELETED] 15:11 26 Aug 2003

If you had another browser installed you could decide if the fault was in I.E. or somewhere else.
If you have a cover disc from which you have installed I.E. again then it probably also has Netscape, Opera and Mozilla on the disc. I have both
I.E.6 and Mozilla installed but tend to use the Mozilla browser more than I.E. because the latter gives me problems - like yours in fact. All these free browsers can be downloaded from this PCA website. Just look along the line for "downloads"

  [DELETED] 19:42 26 Aug 2003

Mr or Mrs Seashanty, you are a genius. Admittedly, I couldn't quite find the brainpower to unzip Mozilla once the damn thing was downloaded, but the freebie version of Opera is now (as we speak) letting me do my banking and anything else I want to do. Thank you very much, your time has been much appreciated!

  [DELETED] 15:43 27 Aug 2003

KevMac1962. Glad you like Opera. I also had that installed but got fed up with the adverts on the free version so uninstalled it. Maybe I'll go back sometime but sticking with Mozilla for now. Believe some members on this forum have up to four browsers installed. DO NOT uninstall I.E.6. as some websites use the software in I.E.6 for loading pages. Enjoy your browsing.

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