Internet Explorer Security

  Eileanbeag 14:16 16 Nov 2010

I have a problem as every time I open Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer Security keeps asking to allow or disallow toolbars even when I tick the box to say do not ask again - howw do I fix this?

  birdface 14:22 16 Nov 2010

Try add-ons and see if anything needing enabled.

  Eileanbeag 14:27 16 Nov 2010

Have done that and tried enabling all and disabling all but this makes no difference

  rawprawn 14:39 16 Nov 2010

What is the toolbar in qustion? Have you tried a malware scan?
Try click here best run in Safe Mode.

  rawprawn 14:40 16 Nov 2010

Also look in Control Panel> Add Remove Programs if there is a suspect toolbar there, remove it.

  GaT7 14:41 16 Nov 2010

Which specific ones are being troublesome? G

  Eileanbeag 14:54 16 Nov 2010

Have checked add/remove but could see nothing: the two in question are BT Yahoo Assistant and conduit engine helper.exe

  Woolwell 14:59 16 Nov 2010

Which version of IE? IE9 often prompts for this.

  rawprawn 15:12 16 Nov 2010

Go to Start> Run> Type msconfig and hit Enter. In the Start Tab see if they are listed and if so untick them. then reboot your computer.

  GaT7 15:23 16 Nov 2010

You can change the settings for Yahoo Search Assistant click here to see if that's any help.

There may be something similar for Conduit. If not, enquire in their forums click here. G

  Eileanbeag 15:27 16 Nov 2010

Msconfig did not work - will try to change settings - I had no problem until today and then everytime I use IE - even to get back to this forum from mail - I have this problem

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