internet explorer search bar missing

  Tabatha 08:54 13 Sep 2003

Hi. I have windows xp home edition, and when I turned Internet Explorer 6 on this morning I noticed that the search bar had disappeared. There is still the Back Arrow, Stop, Refresh, Home, Search, etc., it just appears that the bit below has gone, and now there is nowhere to type my www addresses anywhere.

How do I get it back? Any help would be great.


  BurrWalnut 09:01 13 Sep 2003

Isn't it just View, Toolbars, Address Bar?

  Forum Editor 09:02 13 Sep 2003

View and click on Toolbars.

Select Address bar from the list, and hey presto - there it is.

  bvw in bristol 09:10 13 Sep 2003

If you can't see....File/Edit/View/Favorites/Tools/Help try pressing F11

  Tabatha 09:25 13 Sep 2003

Thanks. I've got file/edit/view/favourites/tools, but the search bar underneath, where I usually type my addresses in has gone.

Luckily, I already had PC Advisor on my favourites. That's how I got in to the helproom. But my browser has changed.



  bvw in bristol 09:32 13 Sep 2003

Then click on View at the top, hover your mouse on Toolbars and you should see Address bar in the list displayed, just click on it.

  Forum Editor 09:56 13 Sep 2003

what I suggested in my first post?

  Tabatha 10:17 13 Sep 2003

All of you. How silly am I. And I don't know what happened, but yes Forum Editor I did what you suggested, and address bar was ticked. But nothing........

Then I dragged my mouse down from back/stop/refresh/home etc., and the address bar suddenly came back.....

I am NOT computer literate. And it's not cause I'm a girl. Is it??

Thanks anyway,
from a learner!!!!

  Forum Editor 10:26 13 Sep 2003

I don't it?

I doubt it - most of us have made exactly the same mistake at some point. I'm glad it's sorted anyway.

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