Internet Explorer randomly shuts down

  WikkidWench 23:33 29 May 2004

Hi everyone!

I can be surfing away quite happily, click on a link and Explorer(6) will just suddenly close down. It seems pretty random, eg, when playing online arcade'll be fine on a few sites, then click another site...and *zip* i'm back on my desktop. Anybody know what could be happening?? thanks!

  VoG II 23:34 29 May 2004

Try a repair click here

  WikkidWench 13:29 31 May 2004

Thanks Vog! I gave it a go but no joy...still got the prob.

I think it might have something to do with my applets? A site i can't get onto for certain uses applets, and the arcade site was an(applian?) site too. Is there anything i should check on to see if java/applets are the problem?


  Hucky 13:41 31 May 2004

hi...whenever i click on anythin in ie
all i get is a frame with nothing inside it..can ya help....

  VoG II 13:42 31 May 2004


Copy this, paste into address bar, remove the space after // and click Go.

Follow the instructions.

  WikkidWench 19:11 31 May 2004

problem solved! :) I downloaded an updated SunJava

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