:-( Internet Explorer probs!

  LivEviL 16:43 15 Apr 2006

righto people! heres the problem :-

first of i recently uninstalled NIS2006 as the licence was up and after reading the reveiw of Bit Defender 9 in this months PCA i decided to install the Internet Security version of it! which worked/works well for the last day or so!

This mornin i decided to have ago at settin up a network between my computer (which is wireless goin to a NETGEAR wireless router/modem) with my Other computer which is just connected via LAN ports! when i tried using the 'set up a wireless network through control panel it told me to save sumthing on a usb disc and go put it on my Lan PC but as this is not Wireless the set up didnt work or complete, when i canceled the set up on the wireless PC Internet Explorer doesnt work and nor does mozilla! BUT MSN messenger does work! when i try get updates for Bit Defender it comes up with an error!

Whats wronge with IE and how do i reverse what ever the 'wireless netork set up' has done- if its that what the problem? Iv just finished uninstallin bit defender and disabled the xp firewall! No firewalls are active! And it still doesnt work! Please help!
many thanks in advance!

  Ex plorer 17:00 15 Apr 2006

Had similar problem No IE No Firefox but MSN worked after trying most things I changed the ADSL filter at the socket. This fired IE and FF up but now and then IE and FF fail so I swap ADSL filters round and alls well for a while.

  LivEviL 18:35 15 Apr 2006

:-S oh ok! but every thing is fine on the other computer! and it was workin fine this mornin untill i tried settin up a network! any other ideas?

  ACOLYTE 19:16 15 Apr 2006

Do all the pc's have the same OS?,when u set up a network with xp it asks you if you want to save the setup and run it on anohter pc so they are the same,if they are both running XP this doesnt usually matter but if itsa diffrent OS on each then u need to save it and run it on the other pc.

  LivEviL 14:26 16 Apr 2006

ok i think iv sorted it! well i know i have can now go on websites! i havent set up the network but it doesnt matter any more! both PC's are runnin XPhome SP2 just one is wireless and the other is connected to the router via a ethernet cable! Any Who...........TTFN!

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