Internet explorer problem - takes ages to load

  laptopdunce 15:29 22 Oct 2012

I am having a similar problem with my Dutch I.E. in that it takes ages and ages to load a page, I have yahoo set as the default homepage, and have just installed the IE9 for windows vista, but still I am getting a very very slow response, if I click on any of the website icons (hotmail/ebay etc.,) there is a little yahoo tab at the top that opens and a circle spins endlessly (about 10 mins before it will open the page of the website I want) - I am using google chrome browser with no problems to access sites at normal speed, but why is this happening with IE? it has just happened in the last few days and I would rather use IE as I have all my custom tabs set up on the home page of IE (yahoo in my case - will that make a difference??) this is a windows vista home edition laptop, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 15:52 22 Oct 2012
  laptopdunce 16:39 22 Oct 2012

It seems to be alot better now, since I downloaded the IE from the Dutch windows site, I am not sure which version this is, but it is now loading the pages much faster, Im not sure how those SweetPack programmes ever got installed, LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 11:14 23 Oct 2012

since removing the Sweet programmes and uploading the IE9 from the dutch microsoft site the IE page is opening properly now, strange how this seems to happen overnight with no warning, but I have my old yahoo default homepage back on IE and it is opening the page properly now. (though I dont really know exactly why this is happening) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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