Internet Explorer Problem

  1887 21:23 20 Feb 2007


I wonder if anyone can help me.

Ive recently brought a laptop off a friend of mine whos emmigrated to australia. And ive powered it up and it works fine.

Come to connect it to the net and it wont work. So ive enabled network connections and its says thats its connected on line but wont display the internet.

Any ideas?

  stephen0205 21:33 20 Feb 2007

is it wired or wireless, u must have the rite drivers. Also try connection wizard lol.

  1887 21:38 20 Feb 2007

It wired on an ethernet cable.

Its showing local area connection is connected. So its there but not showing. Im looking for a wizard on here cos everybody is always very helpful.

Tried wizard on PC but not very helpful at all

Cheers anyway

Anyone else care to advise me please.

Its on a samsung V20 Laptop

  Kate B 21:41 20 Feb 2007

Firewall issue?

  birdface 21:55 20 Feb 2007

Try ,Control panel.Internet Options,Programs,Make internet Explorer my default web browser, Make sure it is pressed,Or try Control panel.Network connections Right click Local area connection,Repair. See if there are any problems on there,

  birdface 22:00 20 Feb 2007

Or try,Control Panel,Internet Options.Connections,Lan Settings,Automatically detect settings,Make sure that it is ticked,Just do it that way if you are not on dial up,

  1887 22:02 20 Feb 2007


What it is, is that its running on freeserve internet connection. Dial up maybe I dont know. But I have NTL or should I say virgin media broadband. But it just doesnt want to play just wondered if anyone knew what I had to do to get it working?

  birdface 22:13 20 Feb 2007

Have you run the NTL Install Disc on it,

  birdface 22:21 20 Feb 2007

I would imagine that you would have to delete the freeserve internet connection,And run the NTL connection Disc,For this you will need to have remembered your password ect when you first had NTL,But better wait to see if you get better information,

  1887 22:24 20 Feb 2007

Tried that too mate

You know in the corner of your pc screen when your on the net? Usually shows windows sign ect

Well this one shows freeserve ive uninstalled it but its still showing the sign in the corner of freeserve only.

Looks like im gonna have to purchase a new windows xp disc and reinstall everything includes drivers

  Kate B 22:30 20 Feb 2007

Hang on. What's your ISP? Are you trying to use a predefined connection to Freeserve? That's not going to work if you're with NTL.

Go into the router's set-up page via your brower - probably - and make sure your login details are entered. It should just connect and be always on.

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