Internet explorer problem

  gruffass 07:54 26 Mar 2006

When i click on the shortcut on my desktop to open IE it does'nt appear, its on the task bar but i can't make it appear on screen! Think it may have something to do with the internet tuner i did friday, used ashampoo winoptimizer. Not the brightest idea i've had seeing as I'm on broadband! I used the option to restore backup files it had made but it didn't seem to work.
Is not a major problem but i liked the idea of not having to log on to aol to use internet. Any help guys

  howard63 07:57 26 Mar 2006

have you tried system restore to go back before your experiment?

  gruffass 08:34 26 Mar 2006

System restore worked except for a few games which re-installed and I can't remove them. How do I remove them?

  howard63 08:36 26 Mar 2006

if add remove progs cannot remove them you can do it manually using explorer.

  gruffass 09:06 26 Mar 2006

Do you mean manually delete the files and folders? Doing it that way still leaves files behind in system folders doesn't it? I'd like to remove all files but if i can't then thats what i'll do. Also i'd like to remove them from the add & remove list, any ideas on that?

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