Internet explorer only opens with ad ons disabled

  Edtheshed 18:04 30 Sep 2008

When I try to open IE it opens and closes within a second. The only way I can open it is with Ad ons disabled. This means I cannot access any of the sites the need an active x control - like my bank for instance.
Can any one help.



  sinbads 18:30 30 Sep 2008

Disable all then add them one by one until you find the problem addon

  Edtheshed 22:32 30 Sep 2008

Thanks, but when the ad ons are disabled the information bar and tool bars are also disabled, so when I try to open a site like my bank it askes me to download the active x control but there is no link to it. It used to be on the information bar.
I have also noticed that most of the desk top does not work - similar problem, flashes up and closed down,but not the ones created via a shortcut.


  Sea Urchin 22:47 30 Sep 2008

Follow sinbads' advice until you find which add-on is causing the problem

  lotvic 23:22 30 Sep 2008

How can Edtheshed find the add-on that is causing prob if he/she can't open IE normally and get access to the add-ons?

Is there another way to do it?

  sinbads 00:23 01 Oct 2008

"IE opens only with ad ons disabled" therefore they can be enabled one by one, however


Sounds like your problem may not be IE as you say most of my desktop doesn't work?

Could be a lot of things

If this is a recent problem try a system restore to before you had the problem

Check for viruses

check for malware

More info on your system would be helpfull

  birdface 10:22 01 Oct 2008

If you right click on the toolbar and tick menu does that make a difference or is there no toolbar.Or unlock the toolbar and drag the dotted line.

  Edtheshed 23:22 02 Oct 2008

Thanks everyone for your help, I tried all options to no avail. I managed to locate an old icon for yahoo and this opened up the internet with no problem. I still had no other original icons working from my desk top though. (This also included no Control panel or search options).
Then tonight Norton anounced a Trojan virus had been dealt with - strange it could'nt find one yesterday, and after a re-start all is now well.
I'm still confused though.

Thanks again


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