internet explorer not working

  [DELETED] 09:03 19 Jun 2006


at home my internet connects all fine and in the bottem right hand screen i can see my two pc icon saying connected but when i go on to internet explorer the page doesent load, no address in the address bar, no loading bar and when i type in a different web address nothing happens only the sandtimer next to my mouse pointer, my internet provider wanadoo now orange went though some steps with me but did'nt work and then told me i have to reinstall my whole windows xp home edition all over again because my internet explorer is corrupt, do i really need to do this or is there another way

  Taff™ 09:38 19 Jun 2006

Go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and select the Add/Remove Windows Components in the left hand pane. Untick IE to remove it click OK etc and then reboot the computer. Reverse the process to re-install it.

Back up your Favorites folder just in case!

You may need to go to Windows Update to download the updates again - I`m not sure.

  Belatucadrus 10:41 19 Jun 2006

Another possibility go via Network Connections and check your Internet connections properties, check the Networking tab and ensure that the Internet Protocol [TCP/IP] box is ticked.

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