internet explorer not work

  pete h 08:36 07 Jun 2010

hya once again the brains of the world. wonder if anyone can help me with this one. i was in the middle of booking a flight using IE8 when i came to using my card to pay for it, the site dissapeared and i couldnt get back on to it. i can get on every other site apart from the bmi baby one. i get the following message

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

have tried the basics ie internet security and all that. any ideas anyone please?


  birdface 08:58 07 Jun 2010

It could be your Firewall.Security programs.your ISP. So your best bet would be to use another computer or try another browser like fireox.

click here

Sometimes if you type the address into the address bar it will work that way.

Or try this and put the BMI Baby address into it.

click here

  birdface 09:05 07 Jun 2010

This is the one for Nottingham.If Birmingham remove the Nottingham and type in Birmingham.

click here

Once again if they don't work try typing the address straight on to the address bar.

  Woolwell 11:08 07 Jun 2010

Clear your internet cache (temporary internet files) and try again. Tools - Internet Options - General tab - Browsing History - Delete and just have Temp Internet files ticked in the lower list. Tick preserve favorites website data too.

  shallyd 11:37 07 Jun 2010

There are many reasons that Internet Explorer could be encountering this issue. Some examples are connectivity to your ISP, a firewall blocking your connection, or your networking device not functioning properly. Here are some things that you can try:

Method 1: Run the Network Diagnostics tool in Internet Explorer:-

1. Start Internet Explorer, and then try to access the Web page that is displaying the error message.
2. On the page that displays an Internet Explorer error message, click the Diagnose Connection Problems link. The Network Diagnostics tool will run. When the tool has finished running, it will report one of the following results:

It was unable to find a problem.
It has detected a problem. Additionally, the tool will provide guidance about the next steps to take to troubleshoot the problem.

3. Click IP Address, and note the IP Address. You may need it for future troubleshooting.
4. Follow the steps in the Network Diagnostics tool to fix any connection problems.
5. Start Internet Explorer.

If you receive the same error message, go to the next method.

for more help
<a href="click here">Click Here</a>

  Atlantic Man 11:52 07 Jun 2010

First of all, your IE is fine, and does not cause any problems.

Secondly using the method above is irrelevant when fixing a problem, because any idiot can figure out how to run a wizard.

My bet, your connection is down. Check and reset Routers( may have become static ), or check if your network cable is plugged in and you are currently on the network, or if you are just using a dongle,= it maybe a signal failure or a IP clash, dissconnect - reconnect


  Terry Brown 12:18 07 Jun 2010

Could it be as simple as the BMI site has s ' A technical problem', and is off air for a while-- It happens, however I have just run it on my system as it seems OK now. Try again

  Woolwell 12:18 07 Jun 2010

pete h is able to view other sites, only the bmi one, so this is probably not a connection problem.

  pete h 13:07 07 Jun 2010

i have tried another laptop and can connect to the bmibaby site ok. why would it go off on my other one as i was working on booking the flight?


  T I M B O 13:09 07 Jun 2010

It could be as somebody said, you need to have a good clean out. use both cleaner top left and the registry cleaner also, works very well & quite safe to use>> click here

  pete h 14:10 07 Jun 2010

TIMBO thanks a lot mate i used your cleaner and it sorted the problem, nice one mate. thanks to everyone else who had an imput and assisted me.


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