Internet Explorer Not Designed for Windows ME?

  [DELETED] 14:28 13 Sep 2003

I just read the following post from an NTL support person on the nthellworld user forum.

Location: Tech Support Swansea TSB

>>Try Not to use Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows 98 or ME, as it designed for XP/2000 and has several known issue's with 98/ME. In fact NTL will not support any browser related problems you are having if you have 6.0 on 98 etc because of the known causes. Stick to 5.5 it will make little difference, or you could use another browser such as opera or netscape.

This is the first time I have heard this. If it is true, why does the installation program for Internet Explorer 6.0 not advise the user that it is unsuitable for Windows ME? Or does it, in fact, do that, and I just missed the warning?

Nobody mentioned this alleged incompatibility in my long thread on "Why do people put up with Internet Explorer?" Should one be using an earlier version of IE on Windows 9x OS?

  gold 47 14:33 13 Sep 2003

I can only speak for myself i used IE 6 since it came out on W98 and WME with no problems what so ever.

  [DELETED] 14:36 13 Sep 2003

Someone better tell Microsoft as they allow you to download the full install for Windows 98 and Me as well as 2K and XP.

Sounds like NTL making excuses. Never seen any problems on Me or 98 in fact installing IE on these OS sorted problems with IE 5 or 5.5!!

  hugh-265156 14:37 13 Sep 2003

says click here it is supported

  [DELETED] 14:37 13 Sep 2003

click here

Internet Explorer 6 SP1 is the most recent version of the Internet Explorer 6 core technologies in Microsoft Windows® XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional. Internet Explorer 6 SP1 provides a private, reliable, and flexible browsing experience for users of Windows XP, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows NT® 4.0 Service Pack 6a.

  [DELETED] 14:44 13 Sep 2003

This is what it says in About Internet Explorer

Version 6.0.2800.1106

Update Versions: SP1; Q810847

  [DELETED] 14:45 13 Sep 2003

Is it working OK?

  [DELETED] 17:01 13 Sep 2003


I have the same updated version of IE 6 as you. I have been using it for ages with Win-ME; no problems whatsoever.

Sounds like the NTL "expert" is talking through his hat.

  [DELETED] 19:00 13 Sep 2003

Well, Jester2K, I don't know what you mean by OK or normal. I've never known any differrent with IE. It always works OK, in the sense that I can get online with it and visit websites. However, if you click here you will see that it is performing far below what I believe should be possible, even on my 2 year old PC and less than ideal OS.

Reading the thread, some people cannot see any problem with IE, others report similar times to my test results. All are faster, but it seems that 3 to 5 seconds to reload a page already cached is normal for IE. On my system it takes an average of 5 seconds, which is definitely not OK in my book. In Opera, reloading of pages is instantaneous.

  [DELETED] 15:21 17 Sep 2003

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