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  Graham ® 13:12 04 Nov 2004

According to IE Help, I should have a Links bar next to the address bar, but I can't find it. Links is selected in Tools. Here's a picture

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

My next question is how do I get a good screen shot?

  Chris..b 13:22 04 Nov 2004

if you co to a blank space near to were you spellcheck icon is just right click and make sure that were it says links there is a tick.

This will then show the links button.

You can point the mouse anware there is a blank space (like near the windows logo)

  Graham ® 13:38 04 Nov 2004

Thanks, already ticked:

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

Still don't get a links button.

  Graham ® 13:41 04 Nov 2004

Could you post a screenshot showing the button?

Hosting site click here

  Graham ® 19:21 04 Nov 2004

Can anyone post a screen shot showing the button?

  MAJ 19:28 04 Nov 2004

Graham ®, post a picture of your toolbars.

  Graham ® 19:35 04 Nov 2004

13:38 post shows it.

  MAJ 19:41 04 Nov 2004

I know, I saw that, Graham ®, but post one without the context menu showing.

  Graham ® 19:50 04 Nov 2004

13:12 posting. You'll have to expand it for a clear picture.

  MAJ 20:03 04 Nov 2004

oooppppps I keep forgetting about that expand icon, sorry, Graham ®. Did you by any chance delete the Links folder from your Favourites folder, that can cause that problem.

  VoG II 20:07 04 Nov 2004

Your toolbars appear to be unlocked. Try left clicking, hold down the mouse button and drag down and to the left. It may be that the links toolbar is to the right of one of the others and thus not visible.

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