internet explorer java script error

  sinbad1 13:35 04 May 2004

Hi anyone out there help me with the above problem.

for some reason i am getting jarva scirt errors when i start scanning with my HP pcs and also other programs like autoroute.

Error comes up as

IE explorer script error

Line 191

Char 2

Code 0

Error objects doesn't support property or method

url file://c:\program files\ HP\ digital imaging\bbfe\director\director2htm

anyone any ideas?

  QuickHare 13:57 04 May 2004

The program makes use of a web page in some way. Try reinstalling your HP imaging software.

  sinbad1 14:03 04 May 2004

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times ;but error still appears

several virus and addware programmes not detected anything.

i'm not able to find any details of this particular error?

  QuickHare 14:14 04 May 2004

"IE explorer script error" -
Problem with an Internet Explorer script (on a web page it's trying to show.

"Line 191
Char 2" -
It's on line 191, second character in from the left.

"Code 0" -
Unknown to me.

"Error objects doesn't support property or method" -
The error was that a DOM object used in the page doesn't behave the way they wanted it to. Either the object doesn't have a property or cannot be run with that command (method).

"url file://c:\program files\ HP\ digital imaging\bbfe\director\director2htm" -
Which file caused the problem, possibly from the Internet.

That's the meaning of the error. Now to find out what's causing it. Can you find your way to the file and count down to line 191 and copy/paste it in the forum for us?

  sinbad1 14:27 04 May 2004

sorry not that good with comps. how do i find that info?

  QuickHare 14:37 04 May 2004

It's probably a long shot that won't do much good, to be honest. There could be a number of reasons it's not working, even if you do give us the exact line of the file.

It could be the scanner driver if it happens in other programs. Try removing the device.

Right-click on My Computer, and select Properties. Either in the Device Manager tab or the Advanced tab, under Device Manager (the button), find your scanner (Scanning Devices might be a good place :-) ) and click on your scanner. Click Remove and confirm you wish to remove it.

Restart the computer and it should find the scanner again, and just reinstall it using the original CD/disk that came with it.

  sinbad1 14:45 04 May 2004

ok i'll try that its a combined pcs Ihave uninstalled and reinstalled several times it may work hopefully.

back soon

  sinbad1 14:59 04 May 2004

ok I've uninstalled from device manager and reinstalled. with no joy the driver is the latest version though i unuinstalled driver then reinstalled ;but script error still there?

  sinbad1 15:07 04 May 2004

Virus:W32/Spybot.gen.worm Disinfected
I had the virus above a while ago ;but was disinfected.
could this have affected othe files

  QuickHare 19:28 04 May 2004

After looking up the virus, it doesn't seem to infect other files that would result in this error, but then again, it might have.

Repair Internet Explorer, methinks. If not, at least you know how to do it :) This doesn't work in Windows XP as Internet Explorer is an integral part of Windows. If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me.

Go to the Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs and find Microsoft Internet Explorer x.x and Tools (x.x may vary based on the version of Internet Explorer). Click Add/Remove. Follow any prompts/boxes and select Repair.

You will need to restart the computer afterwards.

  sinbad1 20:03 04 May 2004

add and remove only gives IE q831167 option to remove which reverts to previous explorer.

Reloading pcs came up with same error

so have reinstalled IE to latest.

Feel a reformat coming on if i can't resolve issue

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