Internet Explorer - input fields

  peabody 22:05 14 May 2005

You know how, if you input data to IE and it remembers what you input? Then, when you start typing in next time it gives you a drop-down choice as it recognises what you have proviously typed? Sometimes you manage to input garbage and it just clutters up your drop-down choice: how can you get rid of it? Is it stored in the Registry somewhere?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:11 14 May 2005

This is basically just your history if you clear the history then all the choices go.

  peabody 22:29 14 May 2005

Fruitbat - ta for quick response. The History may be how URLs are remembered in the drop-down address bar, but I don't think that's correct for, say, a username login field within the main content of a web-page. I'm prepared to stand corrected, however!

  Chris Webster 23:12 14 May 2005

Internet Explorer> Properties> Content tab> Auto Complete.

  peabody 20:52 15 May 2005

Thanks! That did the trick. Just what the doctor ordered.

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