Internet Explorer has stopped working (again!)

  geedad 09:47 04 Nov 2011

"Internet Explorer has stopped working", "and a problem has caused the program to stop working correctly" This is a message that is beginning to haunt me, and despite the message about a solution from Windows, nothing ever cures it! I have tried one of the suggestions in Tools, etc, but I can't remember what I did. I am using Window 7 Home premium, 64 bit, i5 Intel processor, 500HD. All drivers are up to date, and I regularly Cclean and check for viruses etc., Is there a Proper solution to this annoying situation? geedad

  gengiscant 10:01 04 Nov 2011

Try this:IE

  spuds 10:04 04 Nov 2011

I find that Internet Explorer as become very unstable in whatever latest version. No matter what you try to do, the problems still seems to appear.

Have you tried other browsers, so to help get rid of this problem. I use Firefox and Google Chrome more nowadays.

  geedad 11:25 04 Nov 2011

gengiscant. I have gone thru the suggestions on the link you offered. I have done the first advice, and only time will tell me i f it is OK, and thank you again. geedad spuds. Thank you for your suggestion. geedad

  feb 16:42 04 Nov 2011

Hi geedad, are you using the 32 bit or the 64 bit explorer? I had a similar problem using the 64 bit explorer and now use the 32 bit version without problem, It's still windows 7 64 bit!

  SB23 19:23 04 Nov 2011

I have to agree with spuds. I stopped being able to access the forum via IE months ago. The error messages were every few mins, and not just on this forum. Pages that had loaded ok before just didn't work. My answer was to swap to Mozilla, and I wish I had moved to it sooner. I've not had one error.


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