Internet Explorer freezes

  derekst 09:26 05 Dec 2011

The IE page freezes and the window takes a very long time to close down. Task Manager indicates exceptionally high CPU usage lasting up to 10 minutes. This happened using IE7 on my XP computer so I installed IE8 and the problem has got worse. At least with IE7 the problem only occurred when I closed the last window but with IE8 the problem occurs when closing any IE tab. Any help would be appreciated. Should I uninstall IE8 and re-install IE7 from the CD I have?

  barmybuckle 09:31 05 Dec 2011

Alternatively, use another browser. Such as Chrome or Firefox. They're much faster, safer and websites generally look and work better on them.

  johnathann 10:19 05 Dec 2011

yes..u should uninstall win8 and re-install again.

  Les28 10:35 05 Dec 2011

If you've upgraded from IE7 to IE8 as I've done on my XP machine, you can uninstall IE8 from Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and go back to IE7, in my Add/Remove list it's under Windows Internet Explorer 8, so I don't quite know what CD you mean for uninstalling IE8 and going back to IE7.

You've had a problem with IE7 and installed IE8 and the problem's still there, you could try another browser as suggested, I have three browsers myself, IE8, Opera and Firefox.

Have you tried opening IE8 without add-ons to see if that makes any difference?
Perhaps an add-on or toolbar is causing the problem. Single right click your Internet Explorer desktop icon and select Start without add-ons, always worth a try.

  birdface 11:42 05 Dec 2011

What is using up the CPU is it iexplore.exe or other programs.

What anti virus and anti malware programs have you got installed. And have you got compatibility mode ticked under tools.

Make sure you have the latest Java and flash updates installed and remove any old ones.

or go to command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns then press enter on your keyboard .it should tell you that the DNS cache has been flushed .if so reboot and see if it makes any usually helps with browsing problems so worth a try.

  birdface 11:52 05 Dec 2011

You could switch tabs of .Tools.Internet Options.Change how webpages are displayed in tabs.And untick Enable Tabbed browsing. Ok.Apply Ok.

Like barmybuckle says maybe download and use Firefox instead it is much quicker.

You can always go back to I/E if you get it to run better.I use both but have Firefox as my default browser.

  wee eddie 15:31 05 Dec 2011

This sounds like Trusteer Rapport's effect

  derekst 16:29 06 Dec 2011

Many thanks to you all for your suggestions. I think wee eddie may have hit the nail on the head as the problem started a few days after I installed Trusteer Rapport. I’m amazed that banks constantly pressure us to install this only to find by searching on the internet that many other people have had the similar problems with Rapport. I took your advice and installed Google Chrome browser and there’s no problem. In fact its faster than at any time with IE. I like it a lot and prefer Chrome in all aspects except its printing scaling is not as flexible as IE, so would be inclined to use IE if printing scaling was needed. I’m slightly concerned about Chrome from security aspect. Does it provide regular updates like Microsoft? In answer to your question on Security software I am using Norton 2011. Uninstalling IE8 only left me with same problem as before installing it. I’ve sent an enquiry to Trusteer for their suggestions including how to uninstall it as some people on the forums have had problems uninstalling. Will let you know outcome.

  birdface 17:00 06 Dec 2011

Looks like it could have been a bit of a conflict between Trusteer + Norton then.

Just as well you did not download Firefox it looks like they may go out of business as Google has withdrawn there support from them which gave Firefox about 85% of their income.

So it will be interesting to see what develops.

There has been a lot of problems with Trusteer Rapport since it was introduced.My bank just started using it recently and if they are waiting for me to use it they may have a long wait.

  wee eddie 13:51 07 Dec 2011

Interestingly, since I upgraded to Windows 7 and, although there is a noticeable wait while Rapport checks its Database, I have had no Freezes, or Crashes, since installation.

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